Friday, January 28, 2011

Carpe that Diem! (Or Noctem)

Bonjour Internets.

The boy from Monday decided the other day that we should stop seeing each other. It's weird. But I think it'll be ok. Funny how much it fail to hurt in comparison to what I thought it would you know? Such is life I guess. Can't learn to fly before you fall, or land and ollie before failing. Nothing works out all the time. That's part of the magic of the game of it I think. But I wonder if failure is such a good thing to get cozy with?

But anyway...
Last round of Carpe Diem (or Noctem this time around!)


frost comes calling in the middle of the night
much to many people's delight
yet finding the way through ice and snow, we must find a place to go

in the library there is a friendly hug
and cookies in the ancient stable over there

things happen in funny circles
like rivers

life is full of funny things
the curiouser, the curiouser
life is what it is

be who you must be

ollie down that stairway
breathing in the pavement studded moonlight

dance through a crowded city
drinking the movement



singular constants since the beginning

Roll little one, roll,
Statues we are not


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