Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Curtal, Curtal, Sounds Like a Little Bird

Hey Internet's.

Wow it's been a long day, and it's not over yet. Wrote a too-long how-to article for my magazine class this morning, went to class, been reading media theory (omg my head), and typing, and now doing this. Soon will have tea and be watching Dollhouse, maybe playing some video game. we'll see where to night leads us in its darkness. 

I'm going to try Curtal Sonnets. This one is a killer. It's a sonnet that is 11 (or 10 and a half) lines. And I'm like super-duper bad at knowing how to stress syllables. So, I'mma shoot in the dark with this, and hope I at least don't kill anyone. 

“Sounds Like A Little Bird”

Sounds like a little bird
singing on the window sill
dreaming of the sun coming up around
There it goes, flying off blurred
it is heading out to find it's lost sun, going downhill
leaving behind its tree, a ghost-town

On it's journey, if finds instead a bright moon
Wherein there were little rabbits, fishing for water
But the birds wings were growing week, strained
And then the next little afternoon,
                                                  it rained.  



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