Friday, February 4, 2011

Lindbergh Palace

What's new internet? 

Today I have a poem for you that's inspired by a song. The song is called Day's Don't Fade, and is by Lindbergh Palace. It's a pretty snazzy song, I recommend a listen to it. And of course this rounds out the Curtal Sonnets (yay) and onto something new next week.

“Based On A Song”

Day's Don't Fade.
The way that sunlight, moonlight, starlight must
the memories they carry with them on the wind
Building up a reservoir, a blockade
protecting you with a thicker crust
secret moments of the soul, suspended forever in times,

connections with the future, bridges to the past
Reminds you of what beauty is.
more like Calcifer, and less like a single ember
All of those fantastical times, they were a blast,


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